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Dancing for Birth

As an expectant mother you may have wondered about the positive effects that movement can have in pregnancy, during labor, and after birth in the postpartum period.

Embrace these 5 reasons to dance through pregnancy!1 The changes in your body and nurture a positive self-image. As your center of gravity shifts forward, with dance, you’ll become progressively more centered, grounded, agile, strong and self-assured. You’ll experience your new curves as a welcome part of your radiant self, liberating yourself from self-judgement. Dancing is beneficial in pregnancy to reduces your stress and tension by activating your “feeling brain” instead of your “thinking brain”, anchoring you so pleasurably in the current moment that neither the past nor the future can interfere with the perfection of right now. It’s important to maintain the timelessness that comes with the journey through the birth experience.

Another benefit of dancing through pregnancy, is that it increases the flow of the love and bonding hormone Oxytocin which contributes to your bonding with your unborn baby and during birth positively affects the length strength and duration of your uterine contractions. Yet another benefit of dancing is that it correspondingly lowers the fight or flight hormone Adrenalin. And another wonderful benefit of dancing is that it gives you confidence in your body and movement, which lowers your stress and allows for increased levels of Oxytocin to shorten labor. Oxytocin triggers the primal birth instincts and and allows your partner to play a supportive role and reduces the risk of interventions by correcting mal-positions, opening the pelvic outlet wider, reducing shaking and pain, and increasing the mother’s comfort.

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