Danielle Rodhouse

Facilitating the healing process: mind, body, spirit.


Hypnosis is a modality that allows the client to reach into their subconscious to create change in their current behaviors, patterns, and emotional responses.  Danielle's approach is client centered, wherein the clients' individual experience guides the session.  During a session, Danielle works to bring the client into a deeply relaxed physical and emotional state; which then opens the door to accessing the subconscious.  In this mode of healing, we trust that the client is ultimately wise and though accessing deeper parts of our all knowing wise self, we can see things from a new perspective and create change.  

Hypnotherapy works to relieve stress and anxiety, break unhealthy patterns and behaviors, and can aid in achieving better overall health and vitality.  It can also work to release fears and emotional blockages, many of which we may have been carrying for lifetimes.  This process supports finding our greatest potential by living an authentic life, and gaining greater clarity to what that is.  Danielle's passion is spiritual hypnotherapy. Spiritual hypnotherapy helps a client align with their soul purpose and removes blockages to living life to our highest potential.  This can be done though connection to our highest self, connecting with guides and angels, and through past life regression.
"The time I spent in session with Danielle was extremely eye-opening and surprisingly productive. Under her gentle and relaxing guidance, I was able to access deeply buried memories that were fascinating in their clarity and also profoundly releveant to my current life situation. I left her office feeling enlightened, inspired, creatively-fueled and deeply at peace with myself. Best of all, I've been able to carry the life-changing insights experienced in session with Danielle into my everyday life". - Shannon