Danielle Rodhouse

Facilitating the healing process: mind, body, spirit.

Dancing for Birth

Learn about birth while preparing physically and emotionally for a great birth experience.  Dancing For Birth™ classes fuse birth wisdom with prenatal/postpartum dance fitness so when your day to birth arrives you are strong, instinctive and ready.  This interactive class allows you to practice movements, techniques and positions that will aid your birth process.  You’ll also begin to awaken your birth instincts, have your questions answered and enjoy the company of other expectant and new mothers.  After you give birth, bring your baby, celebrate your birth experience and learn parenting wisdom while bonding with your baby.

Chautaugua Hall Pacific Grove 6-7:15
Corner of 16th and Central.

The next 6 week series begins April 23rd.  $75 for the series or $15 drop in.

Contact Danielle at daniellerodhouse@sbcglobal.net to register