Danielle Rodhouse

Facilitating the healing process: mind, body, spirit.

Birth Doula

Having a doula at your birth can dramatically improve the likelihood of an empowering and positive birth experience. Danielle supports women giving birth in any environment: in hospitals, birth centers or at home. Trained in comfort measures for labor, birth planning, and postpartum support, Danielle invites clients to take ownership of their birth experience. Through inquiry and conversation, she encourages pregnant women and their partners to tune into their intuitive wisdom and make choices from a centered and informed place. Danielle's Birth Doula services include two prenatal and two postpartum visits, as well as full labor support.

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"Danielle's calm presence before, during and after the birth of my second daughter truly changed me forever. My VBAC taught me that I can do ANYTHING. Danielle taught me the value of genuine support and that someday I wanted to do the same for others. Four years later, and now I am a practicing doula often finding myself thinking "How would Danielle handle this?". I cannot recommend her highly enough." - Carrie C.